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The developer’s code journal. Capsule replaces that scratch document you have open when you’re coding. It creates an archive of your development artifacts.

The Non-Theme Theme

Using WordPress as a Notepad

At Crowd Favorite we believe in the craftsman approach to web development. We want to be introspective about how we approach problems, the process we use, and make sure we are learning and improving every day. We created Capsule as a tool to help us in this goal.

Capsule replaces that scratch document you have open when you’re coding. It creates an archive of your development artifacts.

We believe that capturing notes and deliberations, code snippets, and both successful and failed approaches while you code helps cement these lessons and will make you a better developer. It's very handy to be able to look back at the thought process you went through when creating a certain feature, etc.

To be a success, the tools needed to compete with the simplicity of a scratch text document while offering the benefits of metadata and search. We worked hard to make Capsule as frictionless to use as possible.

We also quickly realized that these development artifacts were not only useful for the developer who created them, but for other team members and collaborators as well. This let us to create Capsule Server.

Capsule Server is a team collaboration tool. Each developer has their own Capsule instance where they capture their personal artifacts. They can choose to map their local projects to the projects defined in the Capsule Server(s) they are connected to. When they do this, the artifacts tagged with those projects will be replicated to the Capsule Server as well as existing in their local Capsule.

We’ve found the information we capture in Capsule to be invaluable to our team, and hope you find it just as useful as we do.


Capsule implements a full code editor right in the front-end of the app - you never need to see the WordPress admin. It supports Markdown Extra syntax as well as GitHub-style fenced code blocks. Handy keyboard shortcuts for indent, outdent, save, etc. make it feel like a real text editor.

Capsule auto-saves for you every 10 seconds and supports WordPress revisions - it won’t lose your data.

Code Syntax Highlighting

You work in a variety of languages, Capsule understands them.

// Say hello!
echo 'Hello World';

When you enter your code snippets in fenced code blocks, Capsule provides syntax highlighting in both the editor and on the front-end display.


Metadata is a love note to the future.

Easily organize your content by project and tag with Capsule’s easy metadata syntax. Enter @project-name and #useful #tags in your content, and Capsule parses them out and stores them as keywords for that entry.

Code language are also added as metadata when using fenced code blocks.

Search & Filtering

Convenient search and powerful filtering options make it easy to find your Capsule content again (especially compared to Gists, random text files, Google Docs, etc.).

The low-friction tagging and project organization in Capsule pays off big time. When you need to reference something from 6 months ago, you've got the tools to find it.

Capsule Server

While Capsule is a tool for an individual developer, it can also a tool for team collaboration with Capsule Server. A single Capsule install can connect to one or more Capsule Servers and replicate selected posts to those servers.

Download GitHub
Capsule Server is available free and Open Source (GPL). We welcome your contribution on GitHub.

Once you map a local project to a project on a Capsule Server, any posts for that project will be automatically replicated to the Capsule Server (if you want, you can send the same local project to multiple Capsule Servers).

While you maintain your single development journal, you can connect to multiple Capsule Servers to coordinate with multiple development teams. The Capsule Server allows you to view entries by project, tag, developer, date range, and keyword search.


Capsule is built on WordPress as a WordPress theme. Capsule utilizes WordPress' custom taxonomies feature to store project, tag and code metadata for your entries.

Using WordPress as a platform for Capsule gives us lots of great features:

  • Revision History
  • Internationalization
  • Standard Import/Export Formats
  • Backup Tools
  • Administrative Interface

At Crowd Favorite we have years of experience building great websites, products, plugins, themes, etc. with WordPress.

Contact us to see how we can help make your next web project a success.