Frequently Asked Questions

Does Capsule have a mobile interface?
Not at this time. If you do a lot of coding on your mobile device you're a different use case than we were building for. You may find that the WordPress iOS/Android/(your mobile platform) gives you adequate access in a pinch.
Is Capsule compatible with X plugin?
Any plugin compatibility with Capsule is purely accidental.
Does Capsule work offline?
If you wish to use Capsule offline, you may want to install it locally. Note that content is not queued and will not be pushed to Capsule Servers while you are unable to reach those servers.
How do I install Capsule?
Capsule and Capsule Server are built as WordPress themes. To install, first install WordPress as usual, then install Capsule into your wp-content/themes directory and activate them through the WordPress admin.
Why would I use Capsule instead of text files, Gists, etc.?
Capsule provides a great low-friction way of creating incremental metadata around your entries that make them easy to find in the future (unlike Gists). You can use Capsule Server to share Capsule content with your entire development team (unlike local text files). It's a tool created for the job, so it does it better.