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Elegant Page Layouts. Creating custom WordPress page layouts with Carrington Build is as simple as drag-and-drop. Add content Modules and WordPress sidebars and widgets to create any page layout you can possibly imagine.

Drag and Drop with WordPress

A Modular Approach to Website Creation

At Crowd Favorite we enjoy building websites for our clients using a modular approach. When you build a website right, you create a system that is extensible and maintainable - a platform to build on for the future.

Over time, we found that most of the websites we created benefitted from keeping the majority of the site template-driven, while certain pages (home page, landing pages, etc.) needed a high degree of editorial control.

WordPress's theming system is great for creating templatized pages (especially when using Carrington Core, but it doesn't provide an elegant way for business users to easily make large changes to these high-value pages.

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As you can see, we love building modular websites that put content producers closer to the management, design, and layout of their content.

Do you need help building a sophisticated website or a unique tool nobody else has thought of before?

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We created Carrington Build to give our clients an easy drag-and-drop interface for the pages they needed to update and manage on a regular basis. Carrington Build allows non-developers to fundamentally restructure a page while utilizing nicely designed elements that maintain a cohesive site look and feel.

Our deep knowledge of WordPress allowed us to create a system that works elegantly with WordPress core. While we package a number of custom features into Carrington Build, it also embraces WordPress core features like shortcodes, widgets, sidebars and menus.

With Carrington Build, you can create an elegant, maintainable website with high-value pages that can be easily customized and maintained and updated without any code changes.

I wanted to let you know what a great product you guys have developed. The layouts and the ability to provide non-designers the ability to create and maintain beautiful pages is exactly what we were looking for.

Steven C. Day University of Texas
Health Science Center at Tyler

Blimey I had no idea it would be that easy to integrate with themes, it really is brilliant!

Charlie Jewitt
Our Capabilities

We Have Modules for Everything

We've all come to love WordPress widgets. They're can be arranged using simple drag-and-drop techniques, have custom settings, and be reused over and over in many sidebars. Widgets work really well for sidebars, but your page layouts often need more.

Introducing Modules, powerful building blocks for your custom page layouts. There's almost nothing these modules can't do. Check out the template provided in your download and feel free to invent your own.


One of the most useful Modules offered, the Carousel inserts the image, title, and optional excerpt from posts hand-selected by editorial staff. Great for setting up those high-profile pages needing dense content behind a carousel.

Post Callout

Easily drop in a Post Callout module to quckly output a post title, link, excerpt, and even the featured image. You just need to know the post title, the rest can be configured from the Module.

All Modules
  • Carousel: Feature any series of posts with a featured image. Customizable settings for size, navigation, transition and auto-rotation.
  • Post Callout: Includes a post's featured image, title, content, and links directly. Customize the output on-the-fly from the settings screen.
  • Hero: Display an image, title, and descriptive text. Anchor the image to one of nine possible locations (left, center, right; top, middle, bottom).
  • Loop: A Loop is a selection of WordPress posts. You can choose how many posts to show, limit by category or tag, or even by custom post type!
  • Gallery: Easily pick a selection from your uploaded photos and display them as a gallery in the image size you choose.
  • Sub-Pages: Output the titles and excerpts (optional) of child pages of a selected parent page. Can be used to build sub-navigation, FAQ pages or product listings.
  • Widget: Widgets are a WordPress way of life. Drop any default WordPress widget plugin Widget into a page layout just like you would into a sidebar.
  • Sidebar: You may want to reuse the same widgets and not update them in different places. Use WordPress sidebars and widgets anywhere.
  • Callout: Same as the Post Callout but no associated post is needed. Insert a title, description, link, and select your styling and an image from the gallery.
  • Shortcode: Simply enter a shortcode into this module to parse and display the resulting output. Examples include photo galleries and contact forms.
  • Image: Display an image attached to the current page or from the site-wide media gallery. Optionally links to the image itself, its page, or a URL.
  • Notice: If you need a quick and easy way to alert or call a visitors attention to something, use the notice module. Its distinctive styling makes it jump off the page.
  • Rich Text: Insert text using the visual editor to quickly author and publish rich text - you don't lose ease of use with Build.
  • Plain Text: Accepts plain text and HTML. Standard WordPress smart quotes and auto-paragraph formatting is applied for you.
  • Pull Quote: Insert a stylized quote into your page layout and optionally include an name and attribution link.
  • HTML: Insert raw HTML or JavaScript which will not be altered by WordPress before being output. Great for JavaScript widgets and ad code.
  • Divider: Quickly and easily insert a dividing line into the page using a styled horizontal rule.
  • Heading: A quick and easy way to insert a section title into a page with built-in styles and various SEO-friendly (H1, H2, etc.) levels available.

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Carrington Build was created as an extensible developer-friendly framework. Create your own rows and modules to ensure that Carrington Build meets the exact needs for your site.

The Carrington Build rows and modules are extensions of base classes, just like WordPress widgets. You can extend existing rows and modules for tweak them for your needs, or create new ones by implementing the simple functions to output and save your settings, and output your resulting HTML.

Styling a Carrington Build site is straightforward and easy. Each module outputs HTML, so all you need to do is provide the CSS necessary to make it blend seamlessly into your website. We include several example themes to help you see how to extend an existing theme with Carrington Build (via child theme), or how to create a new theme with Carrington Build integrated tightly into the theme.