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Rows Directory Structure

Rows are loaded in the same manner as Modules are loaded. The loading process is based on the parent Rows directory containing folders of rows.

- rows/
	- 1col
		- 1col.php
		- icon.png

Defining Row Load Directories

Carrington Build automatically loads rows by scanning directories for compatible file structures much like WordPress loads Plugins by scanning the Plugins directory. To define a row load directory, add a function that runs on the `cfct-row-dirs` filter. For example, to add a modules directory in your theme directory use the code:

function my_register_row_dir($dirs) {
	array_push($dirs, trailingslashit(get_stylesheet_directory()).'rows');
	return $dirs;
add_filter('cfct-row-dirs', 'my_register_row_dir', 11);

Alternatively, explicitly include a row definitions from a theme’s functions.php or within a plugin, in the action hook cfct-rows-loaded:

function register_my_special_rows() {
	        include_once($path_to_my_code . "/rows/special-rows.php");
add_action('cfct-rows-loaded', 'register_my_special_rows');

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