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The Row File

The main row file is where the row is defined and registered with Carrington Build. The minimum requirements for a row to work is the `__construct()` method. The constructor is where everything the row needs is defined via the `$config` array and various methods.

The icon location is defined in the constructor of the row. When registering your row’s options point to the row location relative to the location of the row’s include directory when defining the icon.

class my_special_row_class extends cfct_build_row {
        public function __construct() {
                $config = array(
                        'name' => __('My Special Row'),
                        'description' => __('It is neat, I tells ya!'),
                        'icon' => 'my-special-row/icon.png'
                $this->push_block(new my_special_row_block_a);
                $this->push_block(new my_special_row_block_b);

Config Variables


: A friendly name for the row. Appears under the row icon in the row chooser on hover.

description: A friendly description for the row. Appears in a tool-tip in the row chooser on hover.

icon: location of the icon file for the row. This follows the same convention as module icons with `module-folder-name/icon-file.ext`. If left empty or not included a default icon will be used.

admin_blocks: custom admin layout for the row. By default Build wraps each block in a table cell and auto associates the block controls with the block. Use this field to provide a custom inner table structure for the layout of the admin row display.


Config Methods

$this->add_classes(array): Adds classes to the outer row wrapper.

$this->set_filter_mod(string): Optionally sets the name used to generate a filter for this row. A name will be automatically generated from the class name if none is provided.

$this->push_block(new someclass): Add a block. Block classes are defined similarly to rows, and a custom row can use built-in block classes or define custom classes as follows:

class my_special_row_block_b extends cfct_block {
        public function __construct($classes = array()) {
                $this->add_attrs(array('html_attribute' => 'attribute_value'));




: custom front end HTML output for rows. By default Build wraps the row’s blocks and modules in a simple div wrapper. The arguments are:

($html, $row_classname, $row_classes_array)

; your filter should check that a unique class (added with add_classes) is in


before making changes.


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