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Custom Rows from Carrington Build Version 1.1 or Earlier Are Not Compatibile with Current Versions

Old versions of Carrington Build (before 1.1) used a significantly different custom row definition format. There are two changes of particular importance to note in custom row definitions:

  1. Blocks are added using the push_block method rather than in an unwieldy array structure (and, as a result of that, custom classes and attributes for blocks are defined in the block class itself rather than the config array).
  2. Any custom row that currently uses the $config['html'] key will need to replace it with a filter on cfct-row-html. This filter sends three arguments ($html, $row_classname, $row_classes_array). Ensure that the row has a unique class with add_classes and check for that class in $row_classes_array before replacing the html template.

Also note the upgrade instructions, as a data migration may also be required.

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