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Admin Filters & Actions

Active Carrington Build on Other Post Types

cfct-build-enabled-post-types: By default Carrington Build is enabled only on pages. To enable Carrington Build on other post types use this filter to add other post types to the enabled types array.

Modify Build Before Admin Display

cfct-admin-pre-build: Modify the Build object before the Admin Interface is displayed.

Modify the Default Page Title for Build Pages

cfct-autosave-title: Carrington Build will force an autosave if a Build layout is started on a new post/page. Use this filter to change the default title given to autosaved posts/pages.

Modify Saved Post Content

cfct-pre-save-post: Carrington Build saves a stripped down version of the module content in the `$post->post_content` field for search purposes. This filter enables the modification of that content. Note that since Carrington Build saves each module’s content individually the post’s content is also updated on each save.

Modify the Postmeta Key for Build Data

cfct-build-postmeta-key: The default value for the Build postmeta key is `_cfct_build_data`. Use this filter to modify that key. Changing this value with existing Build data will orphan that data, but not destroy it.

Modify Page Options Menu

cfct-build-page-options: Carrington Build provides a page options menu under the cog icon. The cog icon shows only when there’s a build layout. It appears inline with the Build tab. This filter allows for adding items to the page options menu.

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