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Carrington Build Core Filters

Change Carrington Build’s Path or URL

cfct-build-loc: Returns an array of Build’s determined URL & Path values. Alter these to run Build out of a non-standard location. Standard (ie: supported) locations include: the main or child theme folder, the plugins directory, the mu-plugins directory. Build is not officially supported outside of these directories so use caution as Build may not function properly in your chosen location.

Change Default Classes for Content Styles

cfct-class-groups: Carrington Build supplies some default classes for defining content output options in some modules (ie: callout, post-callout) for size of headers and content as well as image alignment. The defaults for these options can be modified to support a custom naming scheme or can be extended as necessary to fit the project at hand.

Modify list of Widgets in Module Select List

cfct-modern-widgets: Carrington Build automatically enables all “modern” (ie: object style widgets) as Carrington Build modules for use in Build layouts. Use this filter to modify the list of widgets that will be included as Carrington Build modules.

Add a Module Load Directory

cfct-mdoule-dirs: Carrington Build loads modules on a per directory basis, not a per module basis. Use this filter to register a new location for Carrington Build to load modules from. See the “Modules Directory Structure” section of the “Creating Modules” documentation for more information.

Add a Module-Options Load Directory

cfct-module-options-dirs: Carrington Build loads module-options in the same way that it loads modules. Use this filter to add additional module-options load directories.

Add a Row Load Directory

cfct-row-dirs: Carrington Build loads Rows in the same way that it loads modules. Use this filter to add additional row load directories. See the documentation on “Creating Rows” for more information on Build rows.

Modify Build Default Data Structure

cfct-default-data: Use this filter to add some additional default data to modules when they are created. Unexpected results may occur from removing any of the default data items.

Modify a Post’s Data from the Database

cfct-get-postmeta: Use this filter to inspect or modify an entire post’s build data before it is acted upon. This filter is used on both the front end output and in the admin screens.

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