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These sections are available to the public. The remaining sections are available exclusively to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 🔗Can Build be used for post types other than pages?

    Yes, the list of allowed post types is a simple array that is passed through a filter, so it can be customized on a per-site or per-theme basis.

  • 🔗Can I Upgrade from Single Site to Unlimited Sites?

    Yes! If you are a Single Site Carrington Build customer you can upgrade to Unlimited Sites by paying the difference between the two offerings. The link to upgrade is available on your Account page.

  • 🔗Can I make my own Build Modules?

    Absolutely. We created Build to be extremely flexible for new modules and features, after all we are our own customer here. In fact, it’s easy to create a new Module, think widgets – with a little extra functionality. See the included sample Module to get started.

  • 🔗How is Carrington Build data stored?

    The data is stored efficiently in the post’s custom fields so that it “just works” which should make the implementation pretty future-proof.

  • No, each module implements a way to provide a “text value”. These are put together and stored in the normal post content so that things like search and excerpts work just as expected.

  • 🔗Is Carrington Build a plugin or a theme?

    Carrington Build isn’t a traditional WordPress product (a single theme or plugin). It is probably best thought of as the foundation or feature of a theme (for example, a component of our FaveBusiness theme) because the best results will be seen with tightly integrated CSS and theme styling.

  • 🔗Is Carrington Build compatible with WordPress Multi-site?

    Yes! Carrington Build is compatible with WordPress Multi-site.

  • 🔗Is Carrington Build internationalized?


  • 🔗Is it possible to disable or de-register modules and widgets?

    Disabling Specific Modules

    Modules can be disabled by placing the following in your theme code…

    `function cfct_deregister_a_module() {
    add_action('cfct-modules-included', 'cfct_deregister_a_module', 99);`

    …where ‘module-name’ is the name of the module you would like to disable.

    Widget modules are disabled identically, but they receive a name made up of ‘cfct-widget-module-‘ and their widget name. For example, if we wanted to disable the built-in WordPress calendar widget for use in Build, we’d use the following code:

    `function cfct_deregister_a_widget_module() {
    add_action('cfct-modules-included', 'cfct_deregister_a_widget_module', 99);`

    Disabling All Widget Modules

    If you would like to disable ALL widget modules, place the following in your theme code…

    `function cfct_remove_widget_modules() {
        remove_action('cfct-modules-included', 'cfct_register_widget_modules');
    add_action('cfct-modules-included', 'cfct_remove_widget_modules', 0);`
  • 🔗Is it possible to integrate Carrington Build into my existing site?

    Yes. When you purchase and download Carrington Build you are also provided with documentation on how to update your WordPress theme to support Carrington Build layouts. If you’d be more comfortable having a paid professional perform this configuration and testing please contact us.

  • 🔗What are Carrington Build Modules?

    Similar to a WordPress widget, but a bit more flexible and powerful when building a custom page layout. Some of the included Modules include the loop Module, heading Module, and hero Module. Modules can be built by anyone, please see the sample template included in your Carrington Build download.

  • 🔗What if I run a network of blogs and want to integrate Build into all of the sites?

    We don’t have a set pricing structure for this use case yet. We’ve discussed needs with several people who have this situation, but I don’t that we have enough information to create a policy that will work well in a general case yet. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch and we’ll figure our something that makes sense.

  • 🔗What is the Carrington Build Pricing Structure?

    We spent quite a bit of time thinking about how best to deliver Carrington Build to the community, and we settled on the following packages to satisfy the following general target audiences:

    1. Carrington Build (Single Site) = $299 This is for developers and consultants who are working on paid client projects. The expectation is that this cost will be passed along as part of the project cost – many WordPress professionals fall into this category. This amount is less than 1 day’s development at typical rates and is a unthinkable bargain for the end client (compared to the cost of creating multiple custom page templates, not to mention custom development of a system like Build). This is the edition to purchase if you are going to be making money by implementing Build in a website. It also includes developer documentation, upgrades, implementation support and monitored developer forum access for 1 year. The single site version can be purchased via the main Carrington Build page.
    2. Carrington Build (Unlimited Sites) = $999 For developers wishing to use Carrington Build over and over again on paid client projects without incurring additional fees or costs. It also includes developer documentation, upgrades, implementation support and monitored developer forum access for 1 year. The unlimited sites version can also be purchased via the main Carrington Build page.

    We provide great support in our actively monitored forums. Customers also have access to our developer documentation and reference implementations.

  • 🔗Can I purchase Carrington Build under a license other than the GPL?

    Yes, Carrington Build may be purchased under a split license (the PHP code must remain licensed under the GPL). Please contact us with your needs for further discussion.

  • 🔗What license agreement is this released under?

    All of the products Alex King has released for WordPress (personally, or through Crowd Favorite) are 100% GPL.

    Although some are commercial offerings (including Carrington Build) all WordPress products are released under the GPL unless stated otherwise.

    We love freedom.

  • 🔗Where can I receive support for Carrington Build?

    By purchasing the Carrington Build Developer Edition (Single Site), you’re entitled to support in the developer forums for 1 year, for the site Build was purchased for. These forums are actively monitored and available for all developers to work together, share ideas and implementation tips, and discuss and request new features.

  • 🔗Where can I try Carrington Build / FaveBusiness Theme?

    If you’d like to see and try Carrington Build in the wild, please visit the FaveBusiness demo site.

  • 🔗Does Carrington Build upgrade well?

    We have tested from WordPress 2.8 to 2.9 and  3.0 to 3.1 and 3.2.1 to 3.3.  We resolved any known issues with upgrading from Carrington 1.0 to the latest version of Carrington Build 1.2. We can’t tell the future, but since it uses standard WordPress data structure and hooks it should be quite forward compatible.