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Easy Child Theming

FaveBusiness supports standard WordPress child themes. When activating a child theme, the style.css from the child theme is loaded in addition to the CSS from FaveBusiness. This allows you to easily create “theme packs”, overriding colors, fonts, or anything else you want.

The minimum required files for a theme are directory, screenshot.png and style.css:

  • my-theme/
    • style.css
    • screenshot.png

Important theme features are defined in a theme setup function that can be overridden by child themes, giving you complete control as the child theme author.

Child theme authors can also add and remove elements that receive CSS3PIE behavior using the functions found in functions/css3pie.php.

For reference you can have a look at FaveBusiness Green. This theme is setup as a child theme of FaveBusiness and provides a good reference if you have never work with child themes before. If you do not have the FaveBusiness Green theme you can download it from my account page.

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