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Building the Home Page

Now that you have a customizable home page, it’s time to start Building!

Crack open the “Home” page in the WordPress Admin and switch tabs to “Build”. You can add a new row to your page, using the “Add Row” button at the bottom of the editor. Carrington Build has a number of row types, allowing you to easily create complex layouts.

The Hero Module

You’ll probably want to create a custom Hero area for your home page. If so, select the “Blank” page template. This will remove the header area from the page and allow the Hero module to align flush with the top of the page.

The module displays text (optional) over the background image of your choosing. Hero modules work best when placed in the top-most row of a page using the Blank page template.

You can upload your hero image using the WordPress media gallery. Images attached to the current post gallery will appear in the Hero module edit interface. You can also search for any image in your Media Gallery and use it instead. You can set the anchor position (top-left, bottom-right, etc) of the image using a toggle in the module.

If multiple Heroes are placed in a split row type (2/3 + 1/3, for example) they will sit flush with each other, creating the illusion of a single hero module.

Tip: set the the same heights for all Hero modules in split rows so their bottom edge appears flush.

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