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Carousel Module

FaveBusiness 1.1 introduces a new Module: Carousel. Any post that has a featured image can be used inside of the Carousel to highlight a series of posts.

The Carousel includes the following settings:

  • Image Size (more details below)
  • Carousel Height: Set a fixed height for the image area. Leave blank to set height based on tallest image.
  • Navigation Position: Before, After or Inside the carousel content. The previous and next arrows will always be positioned on the sides of the carousel.
  • Transition: Fade, scroll, slide or no transition.
  • Transition duration: Length of time for transition effect in milliseconds.
  • Auto-Scroll: Set the length of time each slide shows before transition.

Carousel Image Sizes

Three additional image sizes have been defined in the FaveBusiness them to provide consistent images that can be used in the Carousel. The new image sizes are defined to be an exact fits within 1, 2 and 3 column rows. Here are some guidelines of when you should use each image size:

  • Post Image Large: Ideal to use in the main content area of left sidebar or right sidebar rows (2/3 width).
  • Post Image Medium: Ideal to use inside of 2-column rows (1/2 width).
  • Post Image Small: Ideal to use inside of 3-column rows or in sidebar columns (1/3 width).

Note: Any images you have previously uploaded will not have these new image sizes available. To have the new image size created you can simply re-upload any images you wish to use at these sizes in the Carousel.

Carousel Hero Treatment

Anytime you use the Carousel in a 1-column row it will receive the same treatment as the Hero Module. The best use case for this is in a 1-column when it is the first row on the page. You also need to use the “Blank Page (no-title)” template to fit snugly in the page layout. Any of the three image sizes listed above will work with this treatment.

For an example of how the carousel module may be used visit the demo site or use the sample WXR data that was included in your theme.

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