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Installing the Theme

FaveBusiness Theme

Download the Favebusiness theme from your account. We recommend the following options for installing the theme:

  • Upload the .zip file of the FaveBusiness theme from the WordPress Admin Appearance > Themes > Install Themes Tab > Upload and install the theme


  • Unzip the file and Install the FaveBusiness package by dragging the theme into your wp-content/themes/ folder. From there you can go to Appearance in the WordPress Admin and activate the theme

FaveBusiness Green (child theme)

The FaveBusiness Green child theme can be downloaded from your account page under the FaveBussiness theme > Child Themes section and can also be installed with either option described in the FaveBusiness Theme above.

Note: you must have FaveBusiness (parent theme) installed to use Favebusiness Green (child theme)

Each theme has a unique look and feel, while sharing the same powerful features.

FaveBusiness has a cutting-edge look, full of sharp greys and modern blues. FaveBusiness Green is a child theme with a calmer pallet of greens and tans, for a more traditional look.

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