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Creating Landing Pages

What are Landing Pages?

A new feature to Carrington Build, taxonomy landing page allows for overriding the landing page of a taxonomy archive with a custom template

How are landing pages different from regular pages?

In short, it allows you to create a page, using Carrington Build, to use as the first page of any category/tag/taxonomy archive page.

How do Landing Pages work ?

This plugin is included in Carrington Build (carrington-build > lib > taxonomy landing) and provides a new post type, Landing Page. Requests to a taxonomy archive, such as a category or tag page, will check if a Landing Page has that taxonomy set. If one exists, and the request is for the landing page (that is, not an explicit request for page 1 or any following page), the Landing Page is displayed rather than the normal page 1 of the taxonomy archive.

Landing Pages are treated like pages rather than posts, in that they support the Page Template theme functionality.

Why use Landing Pages?

The benefit of using Taxonomy Landing Pages would be to provide editorial control for category/tag/taxonomy landing pages. For example, you might want to do this if you ran a sports site and had direct links to your Baseball, Football and Basketball categories. However the standard archives page layout isn’t that exciting (and can’t provide independent inventory for ads, etc.). You can change the overall archives page layout, but probably you just want to make that first page richer while maintaining a more “archive” feel for pages 2-n.

How to set up landing pages

Basic set up:

  • Navigate to the Admin section > posts > categories and add categories as necessary.
  • Next add posts or create new posts and select the desired category and save your changes.
  • Set up the landing page by navigating to Landing Pages > Add New and select the category for your landing page.
  • Additionally you can enable Carrington Build and create a layout for the Landing Page.
  • You have now created your Taxonomy Landing Page instead of your standard archive page.
  • Finally to view the landing page navigate to the front-end UI and view your landing page (

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