Carrington Core

Version 3.7    Updated 2013-11-14   

Carrington Core helps you build modular and maintainable WordPress websites.

WordPress Conventions, Simplified

In 2008 we had recently struggled to effectively maintain a complex WordPress website for one of our retainer clients. They had rapidly evolving business and associated website needs. Their frequent requests to make changes to the site were leading to conditional code proliferating throughout the WordPress theme; code that was too brittle for long term maintenance.

Our solution was to create a system that obviated the need for most conditional code in favor of a framework + simple and obvious conventions: Carrington Core.

Carrington Core is not a platform for creating commercial WordPress themes, it is a framework for creating modular templates that are tied closely to the features of a specific website. It allows you to replace conditional code with modular templates. Then Carrington Core selects the appropriate template for the content you need to present.

Less code = less bugs. And the meaningful file structure helps make the architecture of your site immediately apparent.

Being by far the most powerful of all WP frameworks, Carrington was built with both developers and end-users in mind, it truly is the complete WordPress package.

Paul Andrew Smashing Magazine

Sound interesting? We're working on a tutorial to help introduce you to the main concepts of Carrington Core. In the meantime, check it out on GitHub.