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A personal WordPress theme that’s colorful, social, and all about you. It’s designed to be your home on the web, with an extreme attention to detail.

A Hub for Your Life on the Web

FavePersonal allows you to own your data and your online presence while elegantly presenting your content as photos, status updates, quotes, links and videos.

As social networks and services appear, merge and vanish, it is becoming more and more important for you to own your digital identity. When we set out to create FavePersonal we did so with the intent of creating a personal home on the web, but one that is nicely connected to the social sites and communities you care about.

You can post status updates on your FavePersonal site, then also post them to your Facebook and/or Twitter account. When someone replies on Facebook or Twitter, that response is brought back to your FavePersonal site as a WordPress comment. You and others can reply in your WordPress comments and also send the reply back to a social network; but the entirety of the conversation is housed on your website.

With FavePersonal you don't have to choose between your social network communities and your website.
You get the best of both worlds.

Multiple Header Options

Pick between displaying a favorite photo uploaded to WordPress, three featured posts you set by hand, or nothing more than your site title and navigation menu.

Bio Widget Box

Introduce yourself to your visitors with a friendly photo carousel, a brief bio, and links to your profile on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Customized Post Displays

Nice round holes for all of your round pegs (and square holes for your square pegs). Status updates, photos, videos are all elegantly presented with obsessive attention to detail.

Colorful, just like you.

FavePersonal comes powered with ColourLovers to provide you with thousands of beautiful color palettes to help make your site fit your style.

FavePersonal is designed and built to make your site look awesome on any device.