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Bio Widget

Introduce Yourself

The FavePersonal Bio Widget makes a great addition to your sidebar. You can use the Bio Widget to add various images, write a short blurb about yourself, and add quick access to your online social presence.

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Bio Widget Settings

You can navigate to the Bio Widget from the WordPress Dashboard through Appearance → Bio Widget, or from the Admin bar on the site front-end.

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Let’s take a quick look at the Bio Widget Settings page:

FavePersonal_Bio 3

Profile Photos

Let’s start by adding some profile images to your Bio Widget. When you click on the “+” icon, you will be able to search through the images in your media library. Start typing and see your image search results filter in.

FavePersonal_Bio 4

If would like to upload a new image you can click the “upload a new photo” link which will take you to the media library to upload your photo(s).  The image field size is 310 x 180 pixels.

Once your photos have been added you can re-arrange their order as necessary.

FavePersonal_Bio 5

Be sure to Save Settings for these changes to take effect.

Title and Bio

This part is self-explanatory, but we’ll make it clear: use the title space to enter your name or the name of your site. Much like the way the settings screen is laid out, this text will appear above the Bio but below your photo carousel.

When you enter your Bio or about text, feel free to use HTML to insert links or some additional formatting. The Bio Widget looks great if you take a few minutes to write about who you are and what you’re about.


After filling out your bio info, let’s go ahead and add some social links.

FavePersonal_Bio 6

Feel free to add as many links as you like and reorder as necessary.

Adding the Widget

One last step—now that your Bio Widget is setup, you need to add the widget to your site. To do so, navigate to the Widgets section under Appearances. Once in the Widgets settings page, just drag the Bio Widget over into one of the sidebar sections to apply it to your live site. We recommend you add it to the top of Sidebar Section One.

FavePersonal_Bio 7

Your Bio Widget is Live

Save Setting and go to your home page to see your new Bio Widget settings.



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