FavePersonal Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 🔗How do I get support for FavePersonal?

    We support customers who purchased FavePersonal before it became a free product in our FavePersonal support forum.

    If you are not a paid FavePersonal customer, we offer “product support” instead of “user support” for FavePersonal. This means we listen and pay attention to bug reports and try to fix anything that appears to have a reproducible use case. However we do not provide one-on-one support for users and do not dive deeply into one-off reports of edge cases.

    To report a bug or file a feature request, please open an issue in GitHub.

  • 🔗How do I upgrade the Social plugin included in FavePersonal?

    The latest version Social is included in each release of FavePersonal. If there is a new version of Social released in the interim, you may want to upgrade the Social plugin before there is a new version of FavePersonal that includes it. No problem!

    You can install (and upgrade) Social as a WordPress plugin like you normally do and WordPress will use the version installed as a plugin instead of the version included with FavePersonal.

  • 🔗If I change themes, will the custom post formats data be lost?

    No! We’ve proposed a standard way to tackle the output of custom fields for specific formats. Since it’s not part of WordPress core we’ve created a simple plugin that, when active, automatically adds the the information in custom fields to the post content.

    You can download and learn more about the WP Post Formats Fallback plugin on GitHub.

  • 🔗Why are there three sidebars?

    We’ve designed the theme so there are three sidebars. On most pages, they will stack one on top of the other. But, when you get into the Photo and Video post formats you’ll see that the entire space is dedicated to the content. So, we drop the sidebars down below the content into three columns. This also happens when viewing at some dimensions (e.g. an iPad in portrait orientation).

    These three sidebars give you the flexibility to set up the “below the content” sidebars so they are broken up evenly (or however you desire).

  • 🔗If I feature a video post format in the header why is it blank?

    When setting a video post format to appear in the Featured Header we recommend you also set a featured image for the post. This way there is a representative thumbnail or photo for the video itself.

  • 🔗Why do my images appear too large?

    If you have pre-existing content and photos uploaded (this is not a new blog) then you’ll need to regenerate the uploaded photos to create specific thumbnail sizes for FavePersonal.

    We recommend using something like the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin from Viper007Bond.

  • 🔗Is FavePersonal compatible with future (unreleased) versions of WordPress?

    Since WordPress is a moving target before it is actually released, we do not make any attempt to make our products compatible with unreleased versions of WordPress.

    We do work hard to make sure all of our products are compatible with the latest released version of WordPress.