FavePersonal Documentation

Theme Configuration

Once installed and activated, there are a handful of key features you’ll probably want to explore and set up. Where appropriate, please see the detailed documentation pages for more detail:

  • Double check the Site Title under Settings > General displayed on the left side of the header.
  • Create Menus under Appearance > Menus where you can set a menu to be used on the right side of the header (or it will default to listing all published pages) and in the footer.
  • Manage the three Sidebars under Appearance > Widgets. Three sidebars are registered to allow for maximum flexibility when the responsive design or photo and video post formats come into play (sidebars drop to the bottom of the page into a three-column layout)
  • Set up the Bio Widget to highlight your profile photos, provide an introduction of who you are and share links to your other websites and profiles.
  • Customize the five Colors used to define your site’s header, link, title and various other colors using pre-defined palettes or your own style.
  • Set your Header Options to optionally add featured posts or a header image at the top of your site.
  • Enable and configure Social so you can broadcast new posts to your Facebook and Twitter profiles; pull in mentions, Likes, and Retweets as comments on your posts, and allow your visitors to use their social profiles to leave comments.
  • Insert your analytics tracking code and other code snippets in the header or footer of your site from the Appearance > Theme Settings screen.
  • While on the Theme Settings page be sure to check the copyright text and optionally enable additional links in the footer.
  • Go back through and make sure your other Plugins are working as expected and re-configure them if needed. If you experience troubles, we recommend disabling one plugin at a time to isolate any potential conflicts.

You’re done! Start publishing new posts once you’ve become familiar with the different Post Formats supported by FavePersonal.

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