Easy Maintenance of Your Staging Environment

WordPress is a powerful tool for building sophisticated websites. One of the challenges you face when managing a large website is how best to stage and review changes before pushing them live. While there are various tools for managing and deploying code, RAMP is the solution for staging and publishing WordPress content.

We consult with companies on best practices and tools for code and data deployment and, for many of them, RAMP is the best solution for staging and deploying content in separate environments. Get in touch with us to help design and implement the right solution for you.

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With the RAMP WordPress plugin you can make changes to your content (including custom post types and taxonomies), your menus, etc. and then selectively publish them to your production site. RAMP's batch selection allows you to stage multiple changes at once and only push those that are ready.

This means you can have two teams preparing separate content sections at the same time in the same staging environment, but you don't have to publish both at once.

Do you publish daily content but still have a need to stage and review larger site changes? RAMP makes that easy. You can continue to create content on your production site while staging your more significant site changes in your staging site. When you're ready, RAMP will push over just the changes you want and won't conflict with the daily content you've continued publishing on your production site.

Perhaps you want to enable a workflow where all content is staged before it is published? RAMP can do that too. Simply create your content on your staging site and use RAMP's "quick send" feature to easily create a batch and push it over to your production site.

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