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Deploy a Batch to the Production Server

After preflight and when no errors have been returned by the preflight check a batch is enabled to be sent.

Batch items are sent atomically, meaning that all the items in the batch are broken up by type and sorted by parent dependencies before being sent. After that each item is transferred individually to the destination server. The order in which items are sent are:

  1. Taxonomies
  2. Users
  3. Post Types
  4. Menus

Though every effort is taken to predict and prevent errors there may still be a problem during the transfer. Any errors encountered during a batch send will cancel the batch. If necessary the broken batch will need to be rolled back on the destination server to fix the incomplete state of the content transfer.


  • The batch transfer is driven via a javascript ajax routine running in the browser. Closing the browser window will interrupt the batch process and cause a broken batch.
  • New post type objects create a new object on the destination server. Updated post type objects create a post-revision on the production system as part of the content update process. Individual post-type changes can be rolled back via the built in WordPress revision system if desired.

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