RAMP Documentation


There are two types of history in the RAMP system:

Export History
Export history is a list of batches that have been sent from the local server. These include batch details and the ability to duplicate a batch. The ‘Deploy’ screen can have a listing of saved batches (if any have been saved), but these batches are unsent.

A batch can not be re-sent.

To duplicate a batch click on the batch’s title in the list and use the Duplicate Batch button to create a new batch. The items in that batch will appear pre-selected in a new batch screen. Duplicating the batch data does not automatically save the batch. Save or preflight the batch to save the new batch’s data.

Import History
Import history is a list of batches that have been received by the local server. These imports can be rolled back individually. See the Rollback section of this documentation for more information about the rollback process.

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