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In the event that something goes wrong during the batch export or that some other problem presents itself with the data once it has been imported on the production server the batch may be rolled back. Only the most recent batch import can be rolled back.

Batch rollback should be considered a disaster recover step and not a means of managing content. Once a batch has been present on the production server for a while it is not recommended that the batch be rolled back as other content that has been created on the server may be effected or reliant upon the data that will change with a rollback.


  • Any items that were created as part of a batch send will be deleted during a rollback. Other items will be restored to their previous state.
  • Post types are restored via the built in revision system to the revision prior to the batch send.
  • Post types that do not support revisions will not contain any revision information and will not be affected by a rollback.

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