RAMP Documentation

Using Relative URLs in Content

RAMP does not automatically make changes (such as converting URLs from staging to production) to the content of your posts/pages when migrating them as RAMP cannot accurately “guess” what should be done in all situations. This also applies to URLs in custom fields, etc.

URLs that are programmatically generated (archives links, etc.) will always produce the correct URLs based on the base URL entered for each site.

We have created a plugin that converts URLs in content as part of the batch process; this download is available from your account page.

RAMP does work with content with the Root Relative URLs plugin but that recent versions (updated July 2014) of the plugin can cause problems transferring attached files.

This plugin converts all URL formats to root relative URLs so you won’t have to worry about needing to update URLs when they are pushed from staging to production. If this is a feature you’d like to use, you’ll want to install and activate the Root Relative URLs plugin on your staging and production sites.

Note: The Root Relative URL plugin does not retroactively update any content. You will need to change the URLs manually or re-embed any images from posts added before you activated the plugin on your staging site, create a batch and RAMP the update to your production site.

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