RAMP Documentation

Edge Cases / Known Issues

RAMP isn’t listing changes made to media:

Situation: WordPress hardcodes the attachment (media) date when created, RAMP performs a check for the content of an attachment (media), if any updates to the content are made and saved, it will be picked up if the user performs the following workaround:

Unattached Media Items

  1. Make a Note of the date the media being updated was created
  2. Create a new batch
  3. Use the date you made a note of above, and change the date to the day before the updated media was created for the start date and click refresh
  4. navigate to the media that has been updated and check the checkbox
  5. Follow the normal steps for creating a batch in RAMP from here.

Attached Media Items

  1. Follow the steps in the Workaround above.
  2. Updates to content on media items will be shown on the post/page the media is attached to on the RAMP NEW BATCH screen
  3. Check the box for the appropriate posts/pages that you have made the media content changes in.

Post/page in production is missing images after a batch is sent:

Situation: If you delete a post/page in production, make sure to also delete all associated attachments (and empty the trash) before re-sending them from staging with RAMP. If the associated attachments are not deleted, they will not be properly associated with the new instance of the post/page when it is sent over in the new batch (it will still think it’s attached to the old page).

You can “fix” this by manually finding the existing unattached images and associating them to the new instance of the post/page in production. Or by deleting both the page and attachments and re-sending them in a batch.

You can avoid this by not deleting items on production, or making sure to delete all associated items as well.

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