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A powerful web-based task manager to help you manage your projects effectively.

Manage your work with ease.

There’s no need for a separate to-do list manager for tasks only you need to know about. Just click the ‘Private’ check box for any task, and nobody else will ever see that you need to buy milk on the way home!

TasksPro™ lets you assign tasks to members of your groups, and can even automatically send them e-mail to notify them of their new task. They can edit the task and update it’s progress, and you can monitor its status. Comment fields and notes can also be used for workers and supervisors to stay in touch with what’s happening.

Cross-Platform FTW

As a web-based application that runs with any browser, this means zero-install for your users. The easy browser based interface lets everyone in your groups work together easily and efficiently.

The TasksPro™ server component and requirements are cross-platform compatible and can be installed on any Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computer running PHP and MySQL.

Powerful work group controls

TasksPro™ allows you to set up unlimited groups and freely assign users to them. Access to task information can also be limited across groups. Users in the sales department, for example, can be kept away from information intended for the engineering team, but you can see and manage it all. Individual users can be assigned to multiple groups, and each user’s access level to the data (view, edit, create) can be individually customized.

Easy Team Collaboration

Group controls allow projects to be set up only for people who need to see them. Set due dates and priorities, get automatic e-mail notifications, leave each other notes, and even publish calendars!

Team members communicate directly with each other. You can assign tasks to anyone in your group, making this a great way to manage the day to day details that are so crucial to a business’ success.

Users on different platforms can work together seamlessly. Even the server part of TasksPro™ works great on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

Ever felt like the sky was falling every single day? Ever felt like you were barely able to get through the day, let alone get to the things you didn’t get to the day before? Welcome to your career in high technology.

As an avid, daily user of TasksPro™, I can safely say the product has saved me many hours usually lost on poor prioritization of my schedule. There are only so many hours in a day and I need an easily accessible, simple to manage task list to make immediate decision on what to attack next.

Alex King has designed a stunning web application in TasksPro™ that I’m woefully dependent on. It helps me prevent the sky from falling… every day.

Michael Lopp

The Individual Task


Use tags for ad-hoc organization, your favorite GTD labels, or to pull together a group of tasks across hierarchies. There’s even built-in tag auto-complete.

Task Templates

Have a repetative task? Create a template for it! The template can be an entire task hierarchy and you can even create templates from existing tasks.

Create tasks from e-mails

Tell TasksPro™ to check a mailbox and TasksPro™ will create tasks from any e-mails sent to that mailbox. You can even set the task owner, priority, date due, etc.

File Attachments

Upload and attach files to tasks and notes. TasksPro™ works as a central storage spot for your files so you can access them from anywhere.

Recurring Tasks

Set up recurring tasks for those daily, weekly, monthly, annual, bi-annual, etc. tasks you need to take care of.

Set due dates and priorities

Besides the interactive tree view, TasksPro™ provides both a sortable view and a view that shows upcoming and overdue tasks for both you and your groups(s). Use the view that works best for you.

Ad-hoc E-mail Notifications

Send an e-mail notification to anyone (or everyone) on your team when you create, complete or update a task. The details of the task will be sent via e-mail to the people you choose.

Use Notes to store relevant information

When you need to keep track of relevant information for a project but it isn’t really a task, use a note instead. You can convert a task to a note and back to a task, right on the fly.

Organizing your tasks.

The heart of TasksPro™ is the hierarchical task structure. Tasks and notes are organized and categorized through these relationships. Put your high-level projects at the top and fill out the details as you go.

Rich, powerful interface

TasksPro™ is built from the user’s perspective with a responsive and innovative user interface that makes it a real joy to use. This is software designed to stay out of your way and help you get things done. TasksPro™ also remembers exactly how you like your view set up and keeps it that way for you.

Theme Support

Choose from the suppiled color themes or create your own with custom colors and your own logo.

TasksPro email
The Mighty Email

Each user can receive a daily e-mail reminders of their overdue, upcoming and high-priority tasks.

When a task is assigned, an e-mail notification is sent to the new owner with both a link to the task and the details right in the email itself. When a task is updated by someone who isn’t the task’s owner (another group member with permission), the owner is notified that it has been modified. If you assign a task to someone, you will receive an email

TasksPro data

Your Data is Centralized

Your data is stored in a MySQL database on the server. You can easily back up the tasks for all of your users from one place.

Unofficial Support for PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server

TasksPro™ 1.6 adds unofficial support for both the PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

iCalendars and RSS feeds for each task

View upcoming dates for a specfic project or use RSS to keep track the project’s progress.

Full localization support

TasksPro™ is fully localized. As they become available, new language packs will be available for download from the Support page.

Updates are Easy

TasksPro™ now has an option to check for updated releases every 7 days. You can choose to have it check for full releases and for pre-release versions as well.

Additionally, when you view the included documentation, each page will check to see if there is an updated version of the page available online; and will let you know if there is. e-mail notification when it has been completed (unless you are the one who marks it complete).